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Mobile command center trailer donated to Palomar Health

Ready America, a Vista-based company that sells disaster preparedness supplies, has donated a mobile command center trailer to Palomar Health. This generous gift is now being used to screen patients for COVID-19 at Palomar Medical Center Poway. The 48-foot trailer is large enough to safely socially distance five patients at a time. Support from partners like Ready America is greatly appreciated and helping keep our facilities – and community – safe.

Medical staff had been directing patients with COVID-like symptoms to tents outside the Emergency Department but with summer temperatures heating up it was becoming increasingly uncomfortable for patients and staff. The trailer is climate-controlled and an overall more protective environment. If a patient with COVID-19 is admitted for treatment, they are placed in a Negative Pressure Room inside the hospital.

Once the pandemic is over, the trailer will be repurposed for other needs (health screenings, clinics, etc.) and can be towed anywhere on its three axles and six wheels. Originally customized for a private citizen, the trailer is outfitted with an open floor plan, kitchen, full-size refrigerator, stove, microwave, sink, toilet and hot shower, making it a perfect option to be used as a command center in the event of a disaster. The trailer is set up with solar, a gas generator and wiring for computers, phones and other technology.

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