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Ready America, Inc. and READY AMERICA products are not affiliated in any way with the United States Department of Homeland Security or its READY.GOV programs, either in print or on the Internet.

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Furniture and
Large Appliances

Furniture Straps

Desktop, Electronics
and Small Appliances

QuakeHold! VCR/Stereo Strap

Hanging Objects

Safety Fasteners

In an earthquake, one of the main threats to personal safety is from unsecured, heavy appliances that can become projectiles.

A top-heavy TV resting in an entertainment center can suddenly fly across a room into a loved one looking for cover - causing injury, or even death, particularly to young children. The good news is that they can all be secured with safety fasteners.

  • Furniture and Large Appliances
    Safety straps prevent tall, top-heavy furniture from toppling over, causing injury and blocking escape routes.

  • Desktop, Electronics and Small Appliances
    Fastener Blocks can secure electronic equipment on tabletops and counters.

  • Hanging Objects
    Picture Hooks are available that can prevent mirrors, pictures, or other hanging objects from bouncing off the wall during an earthquake, causing damage or injury.

  • All Are Easy to Use
    No holes need be drilled in furniture, no messy liquid glues are necessary, and buckles can be released to relocate items.
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