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10-Person QuakeProof Kit

Our 10 person Survival Kit is great for groups! The heavy-duty container comes with 10 individually packaged survival kits and additional search and rescue items. Each of the 10 individually packaged survival kits which are included in the 10 Person Survival Kit contain the essentials for 1 person for 3 days, and the emergency food and water have a five year shelf-life.

Emergency Kit Contains:

10 72-hour Individual Survival Kits
which include:

1 2400 calorie Food Bar
6 Purified Water Pouches
3 12-hour Lightsticks
1 Mylar Blanket
1 Rescue Whistle
3 Dust Masks
1 Hygiene Kit which includes a
   toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash,
   disposal bags & tissues and wetnaps.

12 Aqua Blox Water Boxes:
Each sealed foil box contains 8.45 ounces of purified drinking water and has a 5 year shelf-life.
6 additional 12-hour Lightsticks
AM/FM Radio/Flashlight/Siren with 4 "C"
   Alkaline Batteries included.
1 15" Pry Bar
50 yards Duct Tape
50 feet Nylon Cord
5 Pairs Leather Palmed Work Gloves
3 Pairs Safety Goggles
10 additional Dust Masks
1 83-Piece First Aid Kit
5 Pairs Latex Gloves
300 foot Roll of "Caution/Barrier" Tape
12-Gallon Heavy Duty "Tuff Crate" with
   4 tie-wraps for security

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