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San Marcos, CA – (March 1, 2001) – The powerful earthquake that shook Seattle yesterday is a stark reminder about the need to be prepared.


Much of the household damage caused by the 6.8 magnitude quake could have been prevented, according to Trevco Vice president, Dean Reese. Trevco is America’s leader in home safety, security and fastening products.


Mr Reese said there are many things that people can do to ensure they are prepared in the event of an earthquake.


“Most people don’t realize that the majority of injuries that occur in an earthquake are caused by falling objects, either in the home or the office.  Wall units, china cabinets and glassware, in particular, are the main dangers.


“Whenever unstable items such as these topple over, they have the potential to injure people, or they can block a person’s escape route which heightens the trauma of the situation. Even a television can be propelled across a room like a missile.  So in order to avoid these accidents, people ought to consider securing the big ticket items in their homes.”


Mr Reese said being prepared was easy and inexpensive.


“Trevco has developed a range of safety fasteners, including furniture straps and adhesives, that are designed to prevent 90% of household items from toppling over.


“Our expertise in earthquake safety is based on extensive research and development that began in the early 1990s.  We have experienced several major quakes in southern California in which we lost valuable and treasured items because we weren’t prepared.


“This big shaker in the Seattle area should serve as a reminder to people who live here of the necessity to be prepared,” noted Mr Reese.


For more information on Trevco and its earthquake safety products visit or call (800) 959-4053.


NB: Dean Reese is available for interview and can be contacted in Seattle on cell # (760) 533-8606.

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