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San Diego, CA – (January 6, 2003) – Quake Wax, one of California’s best known and original giftware products, will make its long-awaited return at the California Gift Show in Los Angeles, January 18-21, 2003.


Quake Wax was one of the first temporary adhesives to appear on the market in the early 1990s. It keeps collectibles, knickknacks and other treasured items secured in place to prevent accidental breakage.


Accidents can so easily happen when rambunctious kids, or feisty pets run around the house, or even during everyday cleaning and dusting. Quake Wax makes those heartbreaking accidents a thing of the past.


Quake Wax is the newest addition to the highly acclaimed Museum 3 Pack by Trevco and it will partner the well-known Quakehold Putty and Clear Gel.


The Museum 3 Pack was originally marketed throughout California as a solution to the problem of objects falling off shelves during earthquakes, but it has since also found a niche in the giftware and collectibles industries nationwide.


An increasing number of gift storeowners and their customers from coast to coast are gaining a better understanding and appreciation of the benefits of the Museum 3 Pack. The putty, wax and gel secure porcelain, ceramic and glass items to most surfaces.


The end result is that anyone wishing to display treasured items in their home can do so with peace of mind.


“Quake Wax is very similar to our own Museum Wax and is used in the same way,” notes Trevco Vice president Dean Reese. “A little applied to the base of a curio or knickknack keeps it safe and secure.


“We’ve undertaken a significant revamp of the product since acquiring it in 1999. Quake Wax still retains the original formula developed by its founding company, Conservation Materials of Nevada, but we have repackaged it to make it more marketable in the 21st century.”


Quake Wax is expected to become widely available through West Coast gift stores and other related retailers during 2003.

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