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San Marcos, CA – (January 13, 2002) – Broken collectibles and messy closets are common occurrences in most households these days, but now they can become just a fading memory.


If you’ve ever lost a priceless collection of Swarovski crystal, or valuable collectibles, or if you can never find that particular item of clothing in your closet when you need it in a hurry, then you’ll appreciate the convenience of products that remedy those situations.


The Museum3Pack and At-a-Glance Closet Organizers do just that. These groundbreaking products by Trevco are being featured at the International Housewares Show in Chicago (1/13/02-1/15/02). Trevco is America’s leader in safety, security and fastening products.


The Museum3Pack comprises three temporary adhesives that hold down collectibles and other treasured items. Collectors Hold Museum Putty, Museum Wax and Clear Museum Gel are all removable, reusable and non-toxic. They won’t wear out, dry out or damage furniture.


All three adhesives go underneath objects to secure them in place and all three can be easily removed.


“Anyone who has lost valued collectibles or expensive crystal will know all about the heartache that can cause,” said Trevco vice president Dean Reese. “What the Museum 3 Pack represents is very affordable insurance against breakage, as well as peace of mind.”


Cluttered closets are another bugaboo of daily life nowadays, but the At-a-Glance Closet Organizers have been designed to make them a thing of the past.


This innovative, space-saving product is a simple, can’t miss sorting system that is a practical solution to the ongoing problem of clothes being put away in places where they can’t be readily found. The product was recently featured on ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’.


Mr Reese noted that the closet organizers created more wardrobe space by instantly sorting clutter, “This system saves time and effort because it sorts clothing by item, day of the week, or even by season. It’s especially useful in kids rooms because it means parents don’t have to worry about their children’s disorganized closets.”


The At-a-Glance closet organizers consist of pre-indexed wardrobe labels and clothes dividers that fit most standard sized hanging rods. The system enables families to customize their closets to suit their individual needs.

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