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San Marcos, CA – (January 13, 2002) – An illuminating and affordable product is set to light up both the indoors and outdoors this coming summer.


Trevco, America’s leader in safety, security and fastening products for the home, is presenting Light Sticks at the International Housewares Show in Chicago.


Light Sticks are primarily designed for use during blackouts, natural disasters and other emergency situations. They’re safe, cool to the touch and are a source of instant light.


Emergency Rescue crews, tactical response groups and the US Coast Guard all use Light Sticks because of their versatility. One of the main advantages of the product is that they can be used in confined spaces.


Light Sticks are also extremely practical for camping, fishing and RV touring because they illuminate the dark for a radius of up to 30 feet and they don’t attract insects.


“Our 6-inch Light Sticks are very dependable and when activated provide fluorescent light for up to 12 hours,” said Trevco Vice president of Sales, Dean Reese. “They’re non-flammable, non-toxic and with a 4-year shelf life they’re much more reliable than flashlight batteries or candles.


“They’re really easy to use and are priced right for the average family. They’re nifty things to take with you on trips to the outdoors too because they can be used in lots of different nighttime situations.


“They can light up the inside of a tent, be used as markers on a fishing line and will provide portable light to help people navigate around camp sites.”


Light Sticks also have very handy safety applications such as for creating light in the home or office during a power outage and for drawing attention to a broken down car in a roadside emergency.


The product can be activated by a simple bend and shake. That action will cause a glass ampoule inside the Light Stick to break so that its non-toxic contents mix with other non-harmful chemicals in the stick resulting in the luminescence.


Light Sticks are available nationally through selected home improvement stores. For more information on the product please visit our website at or stop by our booth #N6265.

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