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Preparedness Week June 16 – 22


San Diego, CA – (June 14, 2002) – As part of National Safety Month, June 16-22 has been designated as Preparedness Week and should serve as a timely reminder about the need to be prepared.


The main message is to prepare today by learning how to respond to emergencies, and in particular, the week will address the issue of earthquake preparedness.


People are very often blasé about earthquakes, believing that the chances are low of a quake happening near them, or that they will be okay regardless. The fact is that if you’re not prepared for earthquakes, you run the risk of injury, or at the very least, you could lose valuable possessions in your home.


OES (Office of Emergency Services) data shows that the number one cause of damage and injury in an earthquake is from falling objects.


Wall units, big screen TVs and entertainment centers can topple over, causing their contents to become projectiles. Those projectiles can easily shatter and block escape routes.


To guard against potentially dangerous situations, earthquake safety products are now widely available throughout California and Washington to fasten things like TVs, computers and china cabinets and to secure valuable and sentimental collectibles.


These products, developed in California, have been tested and approved by the United States Testing Company.


What people cannot afford to do is wait for an earthquake to jolt them into reality, because by then it could be too late to save their possessions. Being prepared is easy and not too time consuming.


What most of us don’t realize is that it is relatively inexpensive to safeguard the contents of a home against potential damage. The entire contents of a home can be secured in place for as little as $50.


Preparedness Week is an ideal opportunity to raise consumer awareness of these products and to inform people as to where they are available. The big box hardware stores in both California and Washington carry earthquake furniture and appliance straps, along with temporary adhesives.


Look for them in the ‘Earthquake Safety Center’.

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