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San Marcos, CA – (February 28, 2002) – On the first anniversary of the Nisqually earthquake, Seattle residents are being reminded of the need to be prepared.


Preparedness is the key to avoiding costly mitigation after the fact.


The number one cause of injuries in the home during an earthquake (OES data) is from big-ticket items toppling over. The Office of Emergency Services reports that most injuries happen when things like entertainment centers and china cabinets crash to the floor, causing their contents to shatter and block escape routes.


However, the good news is that there is a way to secure items of furniture without drilling holes in them and that won’t cost an arm and a leg.


State-of-the-art furniture and appliance straps are now available in Seattle. The nylon straps come equipped with easy-to-use peel and stick adhesive tabs that fasten to wall units, big screen TVs, computers and other heavy objects to secure them in place. The other end goes into the wall stud to create stability.


These earthquake safety straps have been tested and approved by the United States Testing Company (California Division), as well as by the University of Kyoto in Japan.


The straps have been engineered to give maximum securing power without damaging the furniture items they’re attached to, and because they fasten onto the back of an item, they’re not unsightly.


There are also temporary adhesives that have been developed to secure collectibles, crystal and other treasured items.


The adhesives are non-toxic, removable and reusable and go underneath objects to secure them in place when on display in the home. They represent an inexpensive form of insurance that will give homeowners lasting peace of mind.


Prior to February 28, 2001 people in the Pacific Northwest paid little heed to the fact that they lived in an earthquake zone, but that changed when the 6.8 Nisqually quake struck just before 11am one year ago today.


All of these safety products have been developed in California by a company with more than 10 years’ experience in earthquake mitigation.


Quakehold! furniture straps and temporary adhesives are part of the ‘Big One’ earthquake exhibit at the University of Washington’s Burke Museum.


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