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San Diego, CA – (January 18, 2003) – The giftware industry, one of the more stylish and sophisticated industries in America, can often involve accidental breakage, but there is a practical solution to the problem. It’s the Museum 3 Pack.


Developed by Trevco, the Museum 3 Pack is specifically designed to prevent accidents from happening. It’s a combination of three products – Museum Putty, Museum Wax and Clear Gel.


They are temporary adhesives used to secure objects of art, knickknacks and other treasured items until such time as their owners want to move them somewhere else.


The concept of securing collectibles, glassware and china by putting a temporary adhesive underneath an object was first developed in the 1990s by several major museums in earthquake-prone California..


Since then it has become popular among both professional and private collectors alike as a means of safeguarding their investments.


“When giving or receiving a gift, our biggest fear is breaking that valuable or treasured item, but that can be avoided,” says Trevco President Dean Reese.


“We can have peace of mind with Museum 3 Pack adhesives because they remove the risk of accidental breakage. Basically, they’re an inexpensive form of insurance.”


Together the Putty, Wax and Clear Gel can secure up to 400 items. They’re removable and re-useable, plus they’re non-damaging and easy to use.


Each has a unique application to fit the object of affection: the Putty is the most universally applicable of the three because it can be used on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. For example, it’s useful behind picture frames, while also being ideal for anchoring objects on boats and in RVs.


Crystalline Museum Wax is best used on stained, or finished wood because it protects the wood as well as securing things to it. The Clear Gel is great for crystal and glassware due to its see-through quality. In each case, the key is that a little goes a long way.


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