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San Diego, CA – (November 26, 2002) – The latest swarm of earthquakes in the east Bay Area should provide the necessary impetus for northern Californians to get serious about earthquake preparedness.


While there has been no major structural damage, the temblors have shaken homes hard enough to knock pictures off walls and rearrange the contents of closets, things that can be avoided by using earthquake safety fasteners.


The quakes, reaching a maximum magnitude of 3.9, were part of a swarm of more than 50 earthquakes that have been rocking the San Ramon Valley since Sunday.


The US Geological Survey says while the swarm has not been rumbling along the well-documented Calaveras fault, it is very reminiscent of the 1990 Alamo swarm of earthquakes that lasted for more than a month.


“What this means is that people shouldn’t ignore the need to be prepared,” said Quakehold Vice president Dean Reese. “Even though we live in earthquake country, people tend to be blasé about this force of nature and often will do nothing about it until it’s too late.”


As evidenced this week, earthquakes are very much a fact of life in northern California and that’s why state-of-the-art earthquake safety fasteners have been developed to counter their effects and protect household contents.


Peel and press nylon straps secure top-heavy pieces of furniture such as TVs, china cabinets and wall units by holding them down and stopping them from becoming missiles in the home. Temporary adhesives designed to anchor collectibles and other breakables are also recommended. All are available in Bay Area hardware stores.


The Office of Emergency Services reports that the number one cause of loss or injury in an earthquake is from big-ticket items crashing to the floor and shattering, however, earthquake safety fasteners will prevent that from happening.


“The fasteners are inexpensive, easy to use and can help save household possessions and maybe even lives in a big one. Being prepared is our best defense against earthquakes.


“The problem is that many people don’t think about it, so I would hope the media would help by recognizing the value in informing the community about how they can best protect themselves from harm,” said Mr Reese.


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