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San Marcos, CA – (February 11, 2000) – Trevco, maker of the popular Quakehold! range of temporary adhesives for securing antiques, glass and crystal, has bought out its main competitor Quake Wax.


Trevco Vice president of Sales, Dean Reese, said that Quake Wax was a perfect match for Quakehold’s existing products Museum Wax, Clear Museum Gel and Museum Putty.


“Quake Wax is very similar to our own Museum Wax and it can be used in a similar way. A little applied to the base of a collectible item will keep the treasured piece secured in place.


“We bought the remaining inventory of Quake Wax and we plan to continue to make it available to collectors through the same retail outlets that previously stocked the product.”


Quake Wax has been marketed mainly throughout California and as is the case with Trevco’s original adhesives, it prevents objects from ‘walking’ across shelves during earth tremors.


The entire range of Quakehold! fasteners is also designed for use by collectors elsewhere in the US to guard against accidental breakage caused by bumps from children and pets.


Most breakages are caused during dusting and cleaning and a small amount of any of the adhesives applied to objects will help to prevent accidents from happening.


Mr Reese said that Trevco’s acquisition of Quake Wax meant that the company now owned the patent on the product.


The product was formerly manufactured by Conservation Materials Ltd of Nevada. The Quake Wax acquisition was finalized at the end of December 1999.


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