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San Diego, CA – (August 27, 2003) – While damage was virtually non-existent from the cluster of small earthquakes that shook the Santa Clarita region north of Los Angeles Tuesday night, once again they were timely reminders of the need to be prepared.


Three minor earthquakes ranging in magnitude from 2.8 to 3.2 were recorded just after 11pm and followed a 3.2 magnitude quake in Valencia only 24-hours earlier.


In its publication entitled “It’s Too Late When It Shakes”, the American Red Cross warns that people and businesses must be prepared, or suffer the consequences.


The cost of protecting the lives of loved ones and possessions in the home or office with earthquake safety fasteners is minimal.


The leader in this field is Quakehold, a southern California company with years of experience in earthquake mitigation. Quakehold markets an innovative range of low-cost fasteners for securing furniture, appliances and breakables.


Their wide array of scientifically designed and tested fasteners is widely available through major hardware chains throughout southern California. The cost of buying and applying these fasteners for the average home is around $200, although for the modest outlay of just $50, a person can secure the major big ticket items and breakables in their home.


Not only do these easy-to-install products prevent damage to furniture and breakable possessions, but they can also help prevent injuries and save lives.


The Office of Emergency Services reports that the number one cause of personal injuries in an earthquake is from top-heavy objects toppling over and shattering, thereby blocking escape routes.


That risk can be significantly minimized by installing earthquake safety fasteners. The fasteners are widely and easily accessible to consumers.


Attn Editors: Dean Reese, a leading authority in the earthquake safety field, is available for interview. Please call the above number to schedule a time.